RELATIVE CLAUSE : Noun, Relative & Adverbial Clause


Clauses are of three kinds :

(1) Principal Clause

(2) Subordinate Clause

(3) Co-ordinate Clause

Then Subordinate Clauses are subdivided into three heads..

(i) Noun or Nominal Clause

(ii) Adjective or Relative Clause

(iii) Adverbial Clause.

(1) Noun or Nominal Clauses:

The noun clause does the work of a Noun.


(i) I do not know where he was born.

(ii) I know who he is.

(iii) He said that he would come.


(ii) Adjective Clause or Relative Clause:

The Adjective clause does the work of an Adjective.


(i) The man whom you know is my friend.

(ii) I know the man who did it.

(iii) Tell me the time when the boy will come.


(iii) Adverbial Clause:

The Adverbial clause does the work of an Adverb.


(i) You may go where you like.

(ii) Brother came when I started for Mumbai.

(iii) My father will not come because he is ill.


Adjective Clause (Relative Clause) :

An Adjective Clause or Relative Clause is used as an Adjective to qualify a Noun or Pronoun or denotes relation to a Noun or Pronoun. Function of a Relative Clause:

Subject : The man who came here is my friend. 

Object : The man whom you know is my friend.

Possessive: The boy whose father is a teacher came here.


NOTE:An adjective Clause (Relative Clause) starts with a relative. Pronoun-who, whom, whose, that, which to describe the Noun or Pronoun placed before these Relative Pronouns.


I met the boy who came late. Here is the man whom I admire. Pranab is a boy whose courage is commendable. They got on the first train that came. She lost the book which she had lent.

An Adjective Clause (Relative Clause) can also start with ‘Wh’-relative adverbs or where, when, why; how, whence, as.  Examples:

Do you know the place where Raja was born?

Tell me the time when the Rajdhani Express train arrives.

This is the reason why Rana failed.

Tell me the way how the boy did it.





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