Narration Change Exercise I Narration Change Practice -Set 1

Narration Change Exercise I Narration Change Practice -Set 1

Timing – 1 Hour

1. Assertive Sentence [Narration Change Exercise ]

i), Ranjan said, “I am playing now.”
 ii) Binoy said, “I have high fever now.”
iii) I said to my friend, “Honesty is the best policy.”
iv) Rohini said to her mother, “I shall go to dance class today. “

v) Mahul said to me, “I am very thirsty now.”

Vi)Swapna said to her mother, “I have finished the task today”.
vii) Satadru said, “I can work out this sum myself.”
 viii) Laboni said to her friend, “I saw this beggar yesterday. “
ix) He said to me, “You may use my umbrella.”
 x) I said to my father, “I shall not meet my best friend today. “

2 . Interrogative Sentence [Narration Change Exercise ]

i) Rahul said to Sujan, “Are you going to market now?”
ii) Arnab said to me, “Is your father at home?”
iii) Laboni said to Ananya, “Do you play chess?”
iv) Raktim said to me, “Can you do this sum?”

v) Arkadeep said to his friend, “Are you interested in politics?”

vi) Suvanan said to his mother, “Where shall I put this packet?”
 vii) Ranjan said to Motin, “How can I help you?”
viii) I said to my mother, “Did you take your medicine yesterday?”
 ix) Debjani said, “How shall I do this sum?”
x) I said to my friend, “Did you see Niloy in the ground?”

3. Imperative Sentence[Narration Change Exercise ]

i) The man said to his son, “Work hard.”
ii) The Colonel said to his soldiers, “Follow me.”
 iii) The mother said to her daughter, “Wake up, please.”
 iv) The teacher said to his students, “Take your books out now”.

 v) The receptionist said to the traveller, “Please sign the register.”

 vi) The doctor said to the patient, “Don’t take junk food.”
vii) The father said to his son, “Apply for the job.”
 viii) The clerk requested the Headmaster to grant him a leave.
ix) The teacher advised the students to take preparation for the examination.
 x) The major ordered the soldiers to destroy the enemy camp .
4 . Optative Sentence [Narration Change Exercise ]
i) The old man said to me, “May God bless you.”
 ii) My grandfather said to me, “May you prosper in life. “
iii) The mother said to her daughter, “May you be happy “.
iv ) The countrymen said, “Long live Netaji.”

v) The queen prayed that God might save the prince.

 vi) The captain said to his teammates “Good morning”.
vii) Mr. Rao said to his guest, “Welcome.”
viii) I wished my friends happy Dipabali.
 ix) The Station Master said to the traveller, “Wish you a happy journey.”
 x) My friends wished that I might succeed in the struggle of life.
5. Exclamatory Sentence [Narration Change Exercise ]
i) Namrata said, “How glad I am!”
ii) Birat said, “Hurrah! We have won the match.”
 iii) We said, “How sweet the mango is!”
 iv) Romyani said, “How painful the wound is!”
 v) Rajat exclaimed in sorrow that he had lost the match.

 vi) Himani shouted in delight that she was very glad to meet her friends there.

 vii) The man confessed with regret that he was very stupid.
viii) The captain said to his teammates, “Bravo! Well done.”
Ix) The Man says, ” What a beautiful girl you are”!

X) He said, ” Who thought that he is a cheater!”

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