Clause Exercises | Simple Complex Compound Exercises

Clause Exercises | Simple Complex Compound Exercises

Clause Exercises  


Rewrite the following simple sentences as complex ones with Noun Clauses :

(1) He pleaded his innocence. (2) I wanted to know the reason of his failure. (3) It all depends upon the manner of your doing. (4) Jorasanko Thakurbari is known to be Tagore’s birthplace. (5) Our order was to shoot the enemy at sight. (6) Everybody knows the author of War and Peace. (7) I gave proof of the truth of my statement. (8) The accused person showed the police the hiding place of his accomplices. (9) The price of goods depends upon their quality. (10) He complained of being regularly abused by his neighbour.

Change the following simple sentences into complex ones having Adjective Clauses:

(1) It was the deed of a wicked person. (2) Dense smoke, indicating fire within, came out of the room. (3) Morning walk is advised by many as a cure of diabetes. (4) A farsighted man always thinks of the future. (5) Unexpected success made him ecstatic. (6) The youngest of the students answered the question best. (7) I visited the famine-stricken village. (8) Mr. Srivastav has a handsome assistant. (9) The great social reformer Rammohan Roy died at Bristol. (10) Only men above fifty were exempted from military duty.

Change the following simple sentence into complex ones having Adverb Clauses:

(1) During our last meeting, we were visiting the National Museum. (2) Finding the room unguarded the thief entered it. (3) He is too shy to become a successful lawyer. (4) The fire extinguished, the householders entered the house. (5) Feeling sick, he decided to leave the auditorium. (6) Treated kindly, she will do anything for you. (7) When in difficulty, consult a physician. (8) Without the strike being called off, there will be no trains tomorrow. (9) He was too late for catching the train. (10) Going there I found him ill.


(1) With great effort he moved the fallen tree. (2) In spite of being poor he is happy. (3) I was the first, among a few others, to arrive on the scene. (4) He told the truth. (5) He gave me a gold chain. (6) We eat to live. (7) Coming home he began to study. (8) I saw a speedily the moving car. (9) In spite of being ill, he attended the meeting. (10) He studied hard to pass examination.

Turn the following sentences into Simple ones:

(1) I saw the place where Nazrul was born. (2) I explained that he was innocent. (3) The crime was a deed that was done by a wicked man. (4) It was so late that one could not catch the train. (5) I was greatly surprised when he succeeded. (6) The thief ran fast so that he might escape the police. (7) Macbeth was to be found where the battle was the thickest. (8) Can you tell me when the train will depart? (9) The accused confessed that he was guilty. (10) We have no time that we can waste. (11) A dog that barks seldom bites. (12) Though he is strong he is timid. (13) The government cannot postpone elections unless the parliament approves. (14) Where there is a will there is a way. (15) As the weather was good, we enjoyed the journey.

Transform the following Complex sentences into Compound ones :

(1) Unless she weeps, she will die. (2) As she wished to win the prize, she worked hard. (3) While he was going through the forest, he met a bear. (4) Although he ran to the station as fast as he could, he missed the train. (5) As soon as he heard the news, he set off for his village. (6) Though they lost the battle, they never surrendered. (7) As it rained hard, he failed to attend his school. (8) Though the student is not clever, he is certainly hard-working. (9) If you do not speak the truth, you will be punished. (10) Biman went to bed early because he was very tired.

Turn the following Compound sentences into Complex ones :

(1) We must do our duty, otherwise social progress will suffer a jolt. (2) It rained in torrents, but the roads were not flooded. (3) Vidyasagar was born in 1820 and the village of Birsingha was his birth place. (4) Give in, or I will shoot. (5) He wished to rise high in life, therefore, he worked day in and day out. (6) Caesar was ambitious, and therefore, I slew him. (7) Conquer your desires, or they will conquer you. (8) He ran to school, yet he missed the prayer bell. (9) She must weep or she will die. (10) Bijan babu is now old, but he still works hard. (11) The sun rose and the fog dispersed. (12) Walk fast, else you will not catch the first train.

Turn the following Compound sentences into Simple ones :

(1) His uncle came home and he went to the bathroom. (2) They were poor and often suffered great hardship. (3) Not only men, but also women and children were put to death. (4) He is a well-read man, but in matters of business he is a fool. (5) You must not make mistakes, otherwise you will not be promoted. (6) He ran away and escaped being arrested. (7) Run fast, or you will miss the first class. (8) I saw a car and it was moving speedily. (9) Jagadish Bose was a scientist and he was the first to invent wireless radio. (10) Dr. Roy was a good Physician and he was also a successful politician. (11) The boy is honest and I know it. (12) He made a great effort and moved the fallen tree. (13) Hurry or you cannot meet your brother. (14) The soldiers fought most valiantly, but they were defeated. (15) He wants to maintain his family, therefore, he works hard. (16) The night was dark, therefore, we went with a torch. (17) Not only did he pay the money, but promised to pay some more. (18) He tried his best, nevertheless he failed.


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